For Reviewers

Peer Review Process

To maintain the quality of individual articles and Journals publishing them, peer review process plays a major role. Peer review process is widely accepted by authors. Annals of Biomedical Research Follows single- and double-blind peer review process.

Single blind:

The Process in which the reviewer name is hidden from the author to prevent the impartial decisions. This will not allow the reviewer to be influenced by author.

Double Blind:

Both the reviewer and author details were hidden from each other. This focuses only on the content of the article rather than the author details like country of origin, University etc.

Benefits for Reviewers

  • Certificate of Recognition
  • Recognised as an expert in Your Field
  • Gain of Experience in Organising, Paper writing, Emerging New Ideas etc
  • Good learning Experience by helping other researchers in improving their manuscripts
  • Privilege in knowing the article in First-hand
  • Expanding your current knowledge
  • Staying up to date in your own research area
  • Giving back to scientific community
  • Understanding the publication system better for your own enhanced research output
  • Strengthens critical thinking
  • Opportunity to develop multiple research skills